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Zlios are supply chain consultants. We have extensive experience in supply chain management including Logistics, trade compliance, international import and export customs processes and technology solutions. Successful, multimodal logistics operations include Airfreight, Seafreight, Distribution and Warehousing operations that are vital components in todays, commercial supply chains that now span the world. But these supply chains should also be carbon neutral as we only have one planet and we need to protect it.

Logistics operations are always evolving as a result of social, political and economic changes in international locations. So, Logistics operations also have to comply with national customs import and export regulations, data protection processes like GDPR  and the ever evolving global trade compliance obligations. But as technology develops, new logistics systems and ideas will evolve and the airports and seaports of today, will change into the spaceports of tomorrow supporting Offworld infrastructure.


Zlios can provide support you with Trade Compliance operations as in today interconnected world, Logistics, Compliance, Custom and Technology, all need to work together, supporting your global supply chains and commercial business networks.
Trade Compliance is understanding and complying with global trade regulations. Today, trade regulations include customs import and export operations, export control processes and even data protection such as GDPR (UK/EU) as you`ll be surprised how much data your business systems collect.
Understand Trade Compliance and complying with regulations will actually reduce your business risk. eg. Selling product to a person or company on a denied party screening list can lead to a fine or imprisonment and the loss of export privileges. Under GDPR Data Protection regulations, any data breach from your systems can potentially lead to a fine for your business.


Customs import and export operations are vital components in international trade and logistics operations. Successful customs operations are designed to support global supply chains, as they allow shipments to flow as efficiently as possible across national borders.
International Customs operations also helps to develop international standards, builds trust, and improves legitimate global trade with enhanced safety and security systems and integrated technology solutions. Companies, which have Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) accreditation already have clear advantages, when it comes to exporting to international locations.
AEO is internationally recognized as a mark of global trade professionalism and that your local customs controls are compliant with local customs regulations. AEO accreditation supports other customs processes including Inward Processing (IPR) and Outward Processing Relief (OPR) and Customs Warehousing, which are all designed to give traders business options


Technology is vital for any business trading globally, as it allows you to connect with customers, suppliers and strategic partners allowing information to be shared. Technology can enhance your commercial, logistics and supply chain operations making them leaner and more effective with the aid of Enterprise Resource and Planning solutions, Transport Management Systems and Warehouse Management Systems.
Export Controls systems are designed to support your international trade operation, helping you to comply with international trade compliance regulations, which have become so critical in recent years. The right technology creates trust, as it improves customer service, improves product and shipment visibility, whilst protecting you from compliance risk.
The best technology solutions can always adapt, so that they enhance your operations business processes. Whereas, other technologies such as document management systems can support your quality management processes, legal and administrative functions. The introduction of 3D printers can improve your value added services by creating specialized products which will exceed your client expectations. Technology can help you plan more effectively, stream line your business processes, reduce your costs, reduce your emissions and support your long term growth.


New Ideas in New Locations opens up New Opportunities for your local business becoming a successful global business.


Zlios is a specialized consulting and strategic management operation, which provides practical support including interim and operations management. Our team has extensive operational experience in International Multimodal Logistics Operations, Trade Compliance, Authorised Economic Operator (AEO), Customs Operations and Technology systems all of which support international trade. We also have Project Management experience including Door to Door Project Logistics and Supply Chain Operations. ZLIOS works with all types of businesses from small startups to established commercial enterprises in international locations.

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