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About Us

We have all had very extensive careers in supply chain operations and international trade, where we have managed and directed international supply chain operations for leading commercial and logistic service providers, now we are Directors, Consultants and supply chain professionals at Zlios.

During our careers, we have built,  managed and then directed all types of operational teams around the world including in the United Kingdom, United States, Europe, the Middle East and in Asia. We’ve been very lucky, we’ve met and worked with some brilliant people in each of these locations. We’ve also experienced there local culture, explored their countries histories and traveled through some of the most beautiful vistas, you can imagine, the mountains, the open plains, all of them seem to stretch out as far as the eye could see. We have always respected there local environments and the local people, who live there, as we are all children of earth.

Logistics, Compliance, Customs and Technology systems all lay at the heart of successful commercial supply chains around the world. Logistics operations link distant locations together, but it’s the trade compliance processes, customs import and export operations plus technology systems, which all need to work together to get that shipment delivered to a distant locations, whilst protecting the shipper.

During our careers, we have also supported and designed many different types of commercial operations supply chains including Technology, Medical Devices, Semi-Conductors, Food, Engineering, Raw Materials and even Consumer Goods for leading commercial organizations around the world. We have also worked in heavily regulated environments and have even Implemented Quality Management Systems including ISO9001, ISO14001 and BRC Certification to support these operations. We can even support you by acting as non-executive directors as this will allow us to share our knowledge, so that it benefits you.

Professional knowledge and experience needs to be shared with everyone, as knowledge and experience raises standards for everyone and these skills will also improve their professional lives. We believe in fairness and sharing the success of a project with everyone as it brings people together.

Interesting quotes, which have inspired us….Cosmologist, Stephen Hawking’s once stated,“I believe alien life is quite common in the universe, although intelligent life is less so. Some say, it has yet to appear on planet Earth”……

We are very interested in the Earth’s environment, we only have one planet and we have to look after it for future generations.

• Global supply chains need to be carbon neutral or not generate any emissions at all.
• All logistics infrastructure and buildings should be designed using the BREEAM methodology, which helps to manage and mitigate risk through demonstrating sustainability performance during the initial planning, design, construction and its ongoing commercial operations.
• Where practical, all new houses and commercial facilities should be built with Photovoltaic systems integrated into their roofs and other building structures.

Many of our team have professional memberships in the following organizations.
• Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport
• Institute of Export & International Trade
• Project Management Institute

We have many personnel interests including Science, Science Fiction, Photography, Motorbikes and Technology,  we almost forgot, we love Space, its technology and the vision of exploration for the future…………………

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International Experience

  • United Kingdom
  • Asia
  • Middle East
  • Europe
  • USA

End To End Supply Chain

Importing perishables products from Thailand on behalf of a leading UK retailer as part of the retailer’s direct sourcing project. This project required an international logistics operations, to source the products directly from Thailand and then ship them directly to the UK Logistics Company Facilities, where they were reprocessed, repacked and finally delivered to the retailer facilities. The UK Logistics company facilities and operations all had to be upgraded and the company certified to BRC Quality Management Standards. The UK Retailer costs were reduced and the product was available quicker, which increased their margins.

International Government Bodies

We have also worked with International Governments Bodies on projects where we have developed high quality, bespoke logistics facilities in overseas locations. A few years ago, one of our team, project managed an infrastructure development project in Saudi Arabia. Once Authorised, three specialized, temperature controlled warehouses would be built in Riyadh, Jeddah and King Abdullah Economic City. This project was valued at $92million dollars.

Logistics Operations

ZLIOS is here to help you, it’s about providing a first class customer service in an ever changing global environment. New Ideas in New Locations also means New Opportunities to help your business grow in an ever changing world.