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Zlios is a small consultancy specializing in green supply chain management which includes multimodal logistics, trade compliance, customs and technology solutions,  but we are also passionate about our environment, we only have one and we have to protect it, so our Environmental Policy is a really important.

Historically, logistics emissions comes from airfreight, roadfreight and seafreight operations. Other environmental concerns relate to manufacturing processes and the choice of packing materials used. Going forward, the world is going to need green global supply chains, where emissions have become carbon neutral.

Zlios will work with established partners to deliver end to end solutions. Zlios is committed to protecting the environment of our home planet for future generations. Zlios will always work with business partners, who share this goal as respecting our environmental, protects the earth future.

Zlios will continually improve and monitor environmental performance in our operations network. Zlios will also commit to manage our internal environmental impacts and stay compliant with environmental legislation.
Zlios is also committed to promoting good environmental practices including training and support to all.
Zlios will work with clients and suppliers to ensure that any packaging materials can be recycled or reused at the destination.

As Zlios is a consultancy, our business partners will all have different business operations and different environmental impacts.

Our Logistics Service Providers partners should have the following systems in place including,
• Full Environmental policy in place.
• Effective carbon off-setting policies in place including environmental training schemes.
• Logistics infrastructure, which will comply with BREEAM requirements (Link)
• Logistics vehicles that will comply with the latest environmental standards or use alternative energy sources, including electric.
• All waste materials generated in the supply chain can be recycled.
• Have cargo load planning systems in place, which maximizes the legal cargo carrying capacity. These systems will reduces the emissions footprint and reduces KG costs rates.

Our technology service partners will have effective environmental policies in place including,
• Full Environmental policy in place.
• Effective carbon off-setting policies in place.
• Have an active waste recycling policy in place.

Environmental Mission Statement.
Zlios is a consultancy operation and our environmental policy will be updated on regular basis.


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