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What we do for fun

We love to travel and explore our planet.  It’s how we learn about the earth history, its societies and its various cultures. We also have other interests and these include science fiction (scifi), motorbikes, travel, photography and technology.

Science Fiction or Scifi
Science fiction is a genre of fiction that deals with the impact of actual science or even imagined science on society. Science fiction deals with concepts including advance science, technology, parallel universes, space exploration, extraterrestrial life, time travel and distant locations including new alien worlds. Science Fiction also inspires people to learn and understand science and technology. We`ve been fans of science fiction for most of our lives and it’s inspired us to learn more about science, technology and space travel.

The birth of the motorcycle can be traced back to a Frenchman called Pierre Michaux, who founded “Michaux et Cie”. They developed the Velocipede which was a simple bicycles with pedals in the 1860s. A few years later, Pierre’s son Ernest Michaux fitted a very small steam engine to one of the ‘velocipedes’ and the concept of the motorcycle was born.
Now, over 150 years later, the motorcycles or motorbikes have become a symbol of exploration and a very practical means of transport in today`s, modern world. Companies including Honda, Triumph, Ducati and Yamaha build all types of motorbikes for all types of activity. But it’s BMW, which builds the legendary GS range and those bikes have helped us to explore and visit distant locations.

During our lives, we’ve been lucky enough to work internationally and travel for pleasure. We`ve seen some of the world’s greatest cities and some of nature’s, most spectacular landscapes. Whilst exploring these distant locations, we`ve worked with the locals and experienced their local culture including their wonderful international cuisine. During these trips, we learnt a lot about their history and where they`ve come from. But we`ve also understand that working together, solves problems and it brings people, companies and nations together, so that everyone on the earth can benefit. In Zlios Travel, we`ve listed some of our favorite locations. (Zlios Travel)

Someone once said that a picture is worth a thousand words, they were right. A photograph, a picture can capture a moment in time, you might take a dozen photos of the same subject, but each photo is still unique. Over the years, we`ve taken thousands of photographs of distant locations including landscapes from our travels. We have many interests including aircraft, motorcycles and ships of all types including spacecraft. Each photograph, is a memory and we`ve started to share them on Pinterest and now Instagram.

Fun Links
• Science Fiction favorite authors.   Kim Stanley Robinson, James SA Corey,
• Favorite Motorbikes.          BMW, Honda, Triumph, Ducati, Yamaha.
• Favorite Travel Locations.    USA, Thailand, Scotland, Europe.
• Best Photography Equipment for us..    Nikon
•Zlios Fun Links include.  MIXInstagram,




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