What is Artificial Intelligence Technology

Artifical Intelligence
Artifical Intelligence Technology

Artificial Intelligence or AI technology has many useful applications in the world and it’s currently starting to appear in various applications. These include home technology, automotive, space tech, industrial, manufacturing, business systems and supply chain operations.

Business systems such as ERP systems are now starting to introduce both machine learning and AI technologies. Machine Learning is a scientific study of statistical models and algorithms that many computer systems now use to perform specific tasks, without using a defined instruction. They rely on established patterns of operations, doing the same sort of processes every day. Machine learning is often seen as a branch of Artificial Intelligence Technology. But there are also many computers systems, which have been designed to use Artificial Intelligence to support the decision-making process within the business environment. These systems can potentially replace the human decision-making process as they have use Artificial Intelligence logic to understand the entire business process flow.

One of the most interesting applications for Artificial Intelligence is in the automotive sector. Today, many cars are fitted with driver aids. These aids can include automatic light control systems, lane control and traffic sign recognition, all of which are designed to make driving safer. Some cars are even equipped with radar cruise controls or collision avoidance systems, which will automatically slow the car, if the cars on-board sensors, detects a person or vehicle in a dangerous location near the car. Many cars also have the ability to park themselves using various sensors that are mounted at strategic locations around the car bodies. Modern cars are also fitted with advanced navigations systems that can tell the driver where they are and what the best route to use is. Systems are also being developed that will allow cars to talk to other vehicles, sharing data about traffic conditions, local weather and any incidents they`ve detected.


Artificial Intelligence can potentially link all of these drivers’ aid systems together by integrating all of the acquired information streams together, so that it builds a detailed image of the road ahead. Artificial intelligence also needs rules to work properly, so Artificial Intelligence systems also needs to understand the rules of the road. It also need to understand how other drivers think and react in different scenarios, so it has to have a decision making process built into its core structure. Artificial Intelligence learns from experience, just like a human does. These types of experiments are being conducted all over the world by leading automotive engineers from the best car companies on the planet. Technically, Artificial Intelligence is being designed to augment or potentially, even replace the driver in future cars.

In March 2019, US Vice President Mike Pence made an historic announcement that America would be returning astronauts to the Moon in just 5 years’ time, approximately 2024. This Lunar mission is known as Artemis. Like many other NASA programs, Artemis is an acronym, Artemis stands for “Acceleration, Reconnection, Turbulence and Electrodynamics of Moon’s Interaction with the Sun”.

Between 1969 and 1972, NASA landed 12 men on the moon as part of the Apollo Program. During these missions, the astronauts conducted scientific experiments and actually explored about 5% of the moon’s surface. The Artemis missions will take astronauts back to the moon. These missions will also lay the foundations for the development of a permanent base on the Moon.

The newly renamed, “Lunar Orbital Platform Gateway” or lunar space station is planned to be built in lunar orbit. It will act as a staging platform or orbital base for the early Artemis Missions to the Moon surface. It could also be used to support missions to Mars. As spacecraft operations move further away from Earth, the spacecraft own on board navigations systems have to become smarter. This opens the door for Artificial Intelligence computers systems that have the ability to manage complex celestial navigation without the assistance of mission control.

Artificial Intelligence or machine learning is starting to have a massive impact on day to day life. Alexa and Siri are digital voice assistances from Amazon and Apple. They are real application of artificial intelligence. Both Alexa and Siri can be found in smart technologies likes speakers or home entertainment systems as they both rely on natural language generation, processing and basic machine learning to work. The more you speak to them, to command them to perform certain tasks, the better they are at understanding your voice, your commands and in doing so they are learning just like artificial intelligence and all of these systems are part of the technology revolution the human race is starting to see..

But as will all new technologies, Artificial Intelligence can be misused. Everyone is familiar with the terminator films, so artificial intelligence needs to be controlled or monitored. Artificial intelligence also has potential data protection issues as it’s designed to learn, to absorb data from all sources. Artificial Intelligence Technology has a massive potential for improving our lives.

Anything related to Artificial Intelligence is interesting as there are so many different applications possible with this technology revolution. We have attached a link to the Washington Post as they have a lot of very interesting articles and its well worth subscribing to it.



Author:- Mark Johnstone    “Consultant, Geek and Writer



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