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Honda has a reputation of manufacturing fantastic, quality cars. Cars like the Honda Civic and Honda Jazz have changed the public’s perception of cars over the years. Honda car manufacturing operation has built vehicles, which are also fun to drive and have proven to be very reliable family cars and generations of buyers have helped

Green Logistics

What is Green Logistics?

Over the next ten years, John Lewis partnership will radical change the structure of its UK delivery fleet as it will convert them to a Green Logistics fleet. (Ref UK Gov.UK News. 16 October 2018). Currently, these delivery trucks are powered by diesel, but by 2028 these trucks will be converted into bio-methane clean machines, which

Automotive, European, Supply Chains

Automotive European Supply Chains

Some of the best cars in the worlds are built in the UK. These cars include Jaguar Landrover. But these manufacturers rely on complex, just in time supply chains, many of which originate in the EU. Any structural changes in these supply chains risks UK car manufacturing and the UK ability to export finished product to future new locations.