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All commercial operations need to have Logistics Strategies, which are fully integrated into your companies main business strategy. Logistics Operations are an enabler that allows your company to link with distant locations. Successful Logistics Operations components include Airfreight, Seafreight, Distribution operations, Customs Import and Exports processes, Trade Compliance and Logistics Technology solutions that are all designed to work together and help you plan, build, track and then deliver your products, shipments to your customers. Successful integrated logistics solutions will always include customs, compliance and technology as they are designed to reduce business risk and shipment delays.

Logistics Consultancy Support can include.
• Logistics Strategy Design.
• Trade Compliance set up.
• Logistics technology support.
• Logistics freight costs management.
• International Trade Operations.
• Brexit Support.

Multimodal Logistics Operations Support

Multimodal logistics management really supports end to end supply chain operations as the cargo can be shipped uses different transportation types. Multimodal logistics managements ensure that the shipment progress can be tracked from the time it gets collected from your location, right through to the time your customer signs for the delivery.

Airfreight Operations,
• Import Operations.
• Export Operations.
• Specialized Charters.

Seafreight Operations,
• Full Load Container Operations. (FCL).
• Less than Container Operations. (LCL).

Distribution Operations,
• Pallet Delivery Operations.
• Bulk Load Operations.
• Medical Courier Operations,
• Same Day Deliveries.
• Domestic/International small package.

Project Logistics,
• End to End Supply Chain Design.
• Out of Gauge Logistics Movements.

Warehouse Operations,
• Import / Receiving Processes.
• Inventory Management.
• Export /Pick Pack/ Shipping Processes.
• RMA Returns Product Management.

Warehouse Value Added Services,
• Quality Management Processes including Returns Inspection.
• Product Kitting /Assembly Operations.

Logistics infrastructure

Logistics infrastructure is a key component in any successful commercial operations as it can form the basis of any Logistics Strategy, which allows you to deliver your goods, to your customers. Logistics is about building bridges and linking locations.

Create Standard Operations Processes,
• Create Work Instructions for each process eg Imports, Exports.
• ISO 9001 Quality Standard Management.
• ISO 14001 Quality Standard Management.

Logistics Site Selection (UK or International)
• What is the best operations location for your business?
• Does it meet current and potential future requirements?
• Can the surrounding area really meet your future needs?

Logistics Network Design,
• Multimodal Logistics Networks .
• Domestic Distribution Networks.
• Port Centric /Hub and Spoke Networks.

Technology Systems,
• Transport Management Systems (TMS).
• Warehouse Management Systems (WMS).
• Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).
• Trade Compliance Systems (TCS).

Customs Management Operations,
• Trade Compliance Systems.
• Import and Export Solutions.

Future of Logistics

Space Logistics is already here and it’s going to be a huge benefit to the human race. Space logistics can support Low Earth Orbit (LEO) operations and in the near future, space logistics will support lunar operations and beyond. Spaceports are already being built on earth. New ideas, new technology will allow space logistics to expand and link to new locations whilst supporting new Offworld bases, mining operations and the human explorations of the heavens. Please contact us, if you need any more information.

Useful Business Links

• International Air Transport Association (IATA),
• UK Warehousing Association (UKWA),
• International Chamber of Shipping (ICS),
• World  Customs Organisation (WCO),
• World Trade Organisation (WTO),
• European Union (EU).

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