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Successful International businesses rely on technology solutions to support their commercial, logistics and supply chain operations. These technology systems can include Enterprise Resources Planning Systems (ERP), Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), Export Control Systems (ECS) and Transport Management Systems (TMS) which will support international supply chains and logistics networks. These technology systems can really improve your commercial reputation, enhance your customer satisfaction, reduce your business costs and increase your shipments visibility. These technology systems will also allow you to comply with legal, customs import & export regulations  and other business regulatory requirements in an ever changing world. These systems can also protect your company from compliance risks and from being blacklisted in government databases.


Technology Solutions can include

• Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP),
• Warehouse Management Systems (WMS),
• Export Control Systems (ECS),
• Transport Management Systems (TMS),
• Document Control Systems,


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Enterprise Resource Planning is a system, which is used by companies to manage and integrate the important components of their business. This integration allows for better operational processes including visibility, streamlined processes, reduce costs and enhanced customer support. ERP systems can be modular or fully integrated. They can also be customized to meet your business needs. The same system can set up to support different business entities across many different domains. ERP systems can also be linked with other systems including WMS, TCS and TMS technologies.


Enterprise Resource Planning key benefits can include,
• Sales and Customer Order Management.
• Purchase Order Management.
• Inventory Control.
• Financial Management.
• Business Intelligence.
• Analytics and Reporting
• Production Management.
• Material Resource Planning
• Project Management.
• Human Resources.


Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)
A good warehouse management system allows organisations to manage all operations of a warehouse. These operations will include Receiving Product and Shipments, Inspections, Product Putting Away, Inventory Management including Audits and Client Order Picking processes. Warehouse management systems (WMS) can be linked into ERP systems and other systems. A single warehouse management system can manage different warehouse in different areas. A warehouse can also support micro-manufacturing including 3D Printers operations.


Warehouse Management System key benefits can include,

• Improved Inventory Visibility.
• Support Just in Time Operations.
• Operations Continuous Improvements.
• Enhanced Security for your operations.
• Inbound and Outbound Order Optimization
• Improved Team Management.
• Improved relations with suppliers and your customers.
• Reducing your business operating expenses.
• Value Added Services can include Micro Manufacturing / 3D Printers / Kitting.


Export Control Systems (ECS)
Today, international global trade has become very complex due to global regulatory controls and anyone trading internationally, must comply with these regulations, which can change daily or being influenced by national events. Export Control solutions are there to assist and support you with international trade requirements. The best Export Control Systems are fully automated and will perform denied party screenings and embargo checks against numerous published lists, which are generated by government bodies. Export Controls can also assist you in understanding import and export license requirements and help you to classify your product and its end use. Export Control Management systems can also assist in government trade compliance and customs audits, allowing you to prove that you are complying with global trade regulations. Export Control systems can also be linked with ERP and WMS systems and they can help to prevent your business and key personnel from being fined, imprisoned or being blacklisted. Export Control Systems are there to help your business grow in a safe way.


Export Control System key benefits can include,
• Denied Party Screening.
• Product Classification including Export Control Classification Numbers (ECCN)
• License Management, including license usage.
• Compliance audit support.


Transport Management Systems (TMS)
Transport Management System are designed to support all types of commercial organizations from freight forwarder, distribution or even manufacturing organizations with all types of shipments from small package to container movements. TMS software can help you plan and then manage your deliveries from the origin to the destination, efficiently, reliably and in a very cost effective way. TMS Systems allows you to choose the best routing possible from your current logistic service provider’s networks in order to meet your client requirements. This support will improve your reputation with your customers and business partners. TMS systems can also be directly linked with your Enterprise Resource & Planning, Warehouse Management and Export Control Systems.


TMS key Benefits can include,
• Planning and optimizing of transport routes.
• Inbound and outbound transport mode and carrier selector.
• Management of carriers including road, rail, air and maritime transport.
• Real-time transportation tracking, allowing real-time monitoring of local and global shipping across all transportation channels.
• Vehicle Load and Delivery Route optimization.
• Environmental benefits, reducing fuel consumption and emissions.
• Transport costs monitoring and route simulation.
• Shipment batching of outbound client orders.
• Vehicle Management Operations.
• Enhanced communications with delivery driver.
• Freight Negotiation with carriers.
• Cost control, KPI reporting and statistics.
• Freight Invoice Management and Audit.


Other Technology systems include,
• Document Management Systems.
• 3D Printers.


Business Management Skills
Project management is the practice of initiating, planning, managing, and closing the work of a team to achieve specific goals at the specified time.
• Prince2. (PRojects IN Controlled Environments)

Lean Six Sigma methodologies are used to enhance manufacturing quality and company business processes
• Lean Six Sigma Black Belt.


Internet of Ideas
The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of devices including vehicles, home applications and specialized printers, which have the ability to connect to the internet, to share, cooperate and exchange data. This technology has the ability to transform your lives, your home and the way the global supply chain works.
When a home appliance develops a fault, an engineer could automatically called to your home to fix the appliance. The engineer will also arrive with the correct replacement parts, save time, money and supply chain costs. Imagine a domestic 3D printer in your home and one night you buy a plastic mug license online. As soon as you hit the order key, the license has been paid for and a design has been downloaded into your 3D printer and within hours, your plastic mug has been generated in your 3D printer. Manufacturing has been transformed, logistics costs are reduced and you have the ability to customize your own products. The world of tomorrow is here today (Link)



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