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Business partners are vital in any operation and no successful commercial on the earth can survive without them. Zlios business partners can include logistics, compliance, customs and technology service providers to support day to day operations. Other business partners such as legal and website design services can advise and enhance  your professional image.

Our business partners are extensive. During our careers, we have worked with many different companies in many different companies. But, we also know, who has the best solutions, the best rates and the best infrastructure to support new global operations. Reducing the stages in any supply chain is important, as it reduces time and costs, so understanding where your shipments are is vital.

During our careers, we have worked for various 3PL Logistics Service Providers including UPS and Expeditors and we still have many contacts in these organizations. During these careers, we have used various technologies including customs brokerage, import and export computer systems from ASM and Impatex.

In the last few years, we have developed Trade Compliance Strategies, where we have used and implemented trade compliance systems from AEB and Amber Road. But in all of these roles, we have used and implemented Enterprise Resource Planning computer systems from Oracle, QAD and SAP. During our careers, we have also processed orders, picked and packed shipments in warehouses and even invoiced client directly, so we have a lot of operational experience, so we know what works well and what system can really benefit an operation as every commercial operation is different.


Business Operations
We`ve also been involved with several start-up businesses. Its long hours, hard work and you don’t have a huge budget to start off with either. You need passion and dedicated people, all of whom can multi task. During this process people, your team will learn new skills and everyone will benefit from that.

If you’re selling a product, you need to understand that product market, the price points, consumer demands and how you’re going to sell your product to your clients, as that’s your route to market plan. But to make that all work, you need a supply chain and logistics operations that works for you and can deliver your products to your clients. Having the right business partner in today’s world, can really benefit a commercial operation and having a business partner, which can provide a one stop shop is even better.


Brilliant Quotes
Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision.”

By Peter Drucker (Genius in our opinion)

“For Zlios, this is the perfect quote, Peter was 100% right”.


Zlios as a business partner.
The Zlios team has worked at all business levels including Operations, Managers, Directors  and now, Non-Executive Directors, we have a lot of knowledge and experience for everyone to use“.


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Historic business partners include.

UPS, Expeditors, ASM, Impatex, AEB, Amber Road, QAD, SAP, Design Eleven.


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